The baker for everyone

Brimming with enthusiasm, I started my own company in 1998. What started as a small company has grown incredibly in the years since then. De Specialiteitenbakkerij now supplies delicious private label patisserie products across the world. What’s the secret of our success? Everything is possible with us. We make all kinds of pies, in all sizes and flavours. All of our patisserie products are suitable for sale in retail, hotel and catering industry and food service. So, we literally do bake for everyone. Are you curious about what we could do for you? Please feel free to contact us.

Karel de Jong

Founder & Innovator


a part of our enthusiastic team


a part of our enthusiastic team


How it all started

Even at the age of 10, Karel de Jong used to bake a lot of patisserie products. His father owned a bakery and Karel was only too happy to lend a hand. This passion for the profession is the best ingredient that Karel ever had.

The first step

In 1998, Karel opened his own bakery specialising in apple pies. He mainly baked pies for the hotel and catering industry. Soon Karel expanded his range to other types of pies and attended to more and more customers.

Seven years later

In 2005, De Specialiteitenbakkerij moved to brand-new premises in Dodewaard. This was an amazing step forwards. The impressive production line meant that he could bake even more varieties of pies.

Icing on the cake

In 2013, Karel opened another splendid production facility, which was the icing on the cake. This modern bakery is located in the Medel business park in Tiel. The site has the most innovative production machines and an amazing testing bakery where the latest ideas are created and tested. These facilities mean that De Specialiteitenbakkerij can always meet your needs.